About Me

Welcome to myroadtowealthandfreedom.com.  I am the GenXinvestor, a husband and father of two small children living in southern Ontario who, for the past 8 years, has been diligently saving and investing to escape the rat race and one day achieve my goal of financial freedom. The road is indeed long and while there will most certainly be bumps along the way I believe that my goal of financial freedom is ultimately achievable through diligent saving and disciplined investing.

My hope is that you, my readers, will draw inspiration from my story and my ultimate goal of financial freedom.  I want to show people that by simply applying a few tried and true personal finance rules that an average person can achieve financial freedom.

I also hope that this blog can be a place where we can share ideas about saving, investing and personal finance more generally.  While this blog has a Canadian focus, many of the strategies discussed and information presented here is of a more general nature and is relevant to people from various countries and all walks of life.

As readers you can expect to see a variety of net worth and dividend income updates as I tend to track my progress very closely.  My hope is that by keeping focused on my short-term financial goals I will be able to achieve my longer term life goal of financial freedom.  If you’re curious about how I got started on my road to wealth and freedom see my post on Where It All Began: My Interest in Saving, Investing and Growing my Wealth.