November 2014 Dividend Income / Monthly Highlights

By: GenXinvestor

Here is my November 2014 dividend income.  November has been a crazy month – we sold our current home and purchased our final family home. Needless to say this shaved 30k off the net worth and means that we won’t achieve the 700k net worth goal this year. Nor will we be mortgage-free in 2015! We will, however, achieve the 4k in dividends and this amount will only continue to grow as we continue on our investment journey to financial freedom.

The stock markets rebounded sharply in November, although as of late they have been plunging again. For the long term investor, these drops should be viewed as buying opportunities. Keep making those regular investment contributions and if you have any extra cash lying around throw it in. The time to buy has always been when everyone tells you not to!

As for me, I continued with my plan to make regular monthly and quarterly share purchases in my dividend reinvestment accounts (DRIPs).  I bought more shares in Emera, Bank of Nova Scotia and Bank of Montreal.  In these accounts there is no point in trying to time the market – I contribute small amounts on a regular basis, regardless of what is happening in the market and I let compounding and dollar-cost averaging do their work.

November has been a great month in terms of increasing my dividend income. I received my first dividends from Procter & Gamble (PG) and my monthly dividend has finally started to climb. February, May, August and November are generally my weaker dividend months as I only own a handful of companies that pay out in those months. So I’m happy to see things starting to even out a little. I love being a dividend investor.  Beyond this, I did not initiate any new positions – I just made the same, regular investments into the same collection of stocks, ETFs and index funds.

November has been a decent month with regard to dividend income.  Here are the numbers:

Emera (EMA) – $11.40

Bank of Montreal (BMO) – $33.68

Procter & Gamble (PG) – $71.60

RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI) – $3.90

iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF (CPD) – $44.68

iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index ETF (XRE) – $26.40

Canadian Short-Term Corporate Bond Index ETF (VSC) – $19.32

Canadian Short-Term Bond Index ETF (VSB) – $ 14.39

TOTAL = $225.37

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