November 2015 Dividend Income

By: GenXinvestor

Welcome to my November 2015 dividend income report.  We managed to do so much this month toward getting our finances in order.

November 2015 Dividend Income

As I said in an earlier post, my goal this year is to generate at least $7,500 in passive dividend income.  That income will be an important part of my early retirement plan.  These reports help me track the growth of that income and also serve a wider purpose: to show that dividend growth investing is a solid long term investing strategy.

Monthly Passive Dividend Income

November has been a decent month for dividend income.  I’m slowly increasing my passive income.  In fact this month’s dividend income has increased by 23% since my May report.  As I’ve said before, the markets can go up or down but the only real trend that I focus on is the growth of my dividend income.  So I’m glad to see that it is growing in one of my weaker months as far as dividend income is concerned.

I’ve made no secret about 2015 being one of the toughest years for me financially and that I have only a small fraction of the money that I used to have to invest.  Yet my dividend income keeps on growing in spite of it all.  That, to my mind, proves that dividend growth investing is a strategy that really works.  In fact, I see it working for me each and every month as I write these reports.

November 2015 Dividend Income

So far this year we have received $6522.90 in passive dividend income. Our annual dividend income goal is $7,500 so we are now 87% of the way there.  Here are the numbers for my November 2015 dividend income:

Dividend Stocks

Emera (EMA) – $19.23

Bank of Montreal (BMO) – $51.03

Citigroup (C) – $1.31

Procter and Gamble (PG) – $87.27

Potash Corp of Saskatchewan (POT) – $49.35

RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI) – $4.10

Mutual Funds and ETFs

iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF (CPD) – $51.57

iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index ETF (XRE) – $38.83

Canadian Short-Term Corporate Bond Index ETF (VSC) – $17.25

Canadian Short-Term Bond Index ETF (VSB) – $13.23

Total = $333.17

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    1. GenXinvestor Post author

      Thanks BSR. I’m looking at buying more great companies that are pretty beat up right now like the pipelines. Keep investing and you’ll see your passive income increase month after month and year after year. That’s what I’ve found.
      Take care and Happy Holidays!


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