November 2016 Stock Purchases

By: GenXinvestor

November 2016 Stock PurchasesIt’s been a busy month for investing so welcome to my November 2016 Stock purchases.  Well Mr. Trump’s stunning election victory has sent stock markets soaring with the expectation that his economic policies will help grow the US economy.  The belief is that his infrastructure spending will stoke inflation.  This caused the bond market to sell-off and any interest-rate sensitive investment like consumer staples, utility stocks and REITs have been hammered.

It’s important to remember that anytime there’s a big move in global markets it offers the long term investor a potential buying opportunity.  If you’re a dividend investor, our favorite stocks are on sale right now.  So I’ve been busy seizing the initiative and buying up some deals.  In the short term, I expect continued market volatility and chances are that some of these stocks could go lower.  Over the long term, however, these stocks are great income generators and wealth builders.  

November 2016 Stock Purchases


I made some big moves in my TFSA:

I purchased 125 shares of Fortis (FTS) at $40.58.  This adds $200 to my annual dividend income and will let me start dripping full shares of FTS.  

Next, I purchased 300 shares of Bell Canada (BCE) at $58.20.  This will add $819 to my annual dividend income and I can drip full shares of BCE.  


The big move in the RRSP came from buying 150 shares of Unilever (UL) at USD $39.115.  This adds USD $213 to my annual dividend income.    

DRIP Accounts

In my DRIP Account I sent some money to purchase shares in my utility and pipeline companies.  The breakdown is as follows:

$300 to buy Fortis (FTS)

$100 to buy Telus (T)

$100 to buy Enbridge (ENB)

$100 to buy Bell Canada (BCE)

Why It’s Important to Invest on A Regular Basis

The DRIP investments are relatively small purchases compared to what went on in my registered accounts, but this has been a cost effective way for me to establish and grow positions in great dividend-paying stocks.  I typically set up automatic purchases with my DRIPs so that I’m always buying my favorite stocks and increasing my dividend income.  

Investing on a regular basis is a proven strategy for building wealth and achieving financial freedom.  Some people think that they need a lot of money to start investing.  The truth is that if you can find $25 a month laying around you can start investing.  That’s how I got started and I still make my regular monthly investments.

Thanks for reading my November 2016 Stock purchases and keep on investing.  

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6 thoughts on “November 2016 Stock Purchases

  1. Millennial Money

    Interesting analysis on dividend stocks being on sale thanks to inflation related policies of the government. It’s always good to learn about the intersection between politics and investing to maximize your financial strategy. Thanks for the post.

    1. GenXinvestor Post author

      Trump’s presidential win definitely hit some really great stocks hard, while others soared to new heights. The opportunity to my mind lies in the divergence between the two and where you think global trends are going.


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